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Timeline; 1958

In a climate of knife wielding black and white gangs in Nottingham, and the London courts flagging up rising racial tension, the police at first did nothing, and then targeted members of the black community instead of the whites who were causing trouble.

This leads to rioting. The main response of the police was to continue to downplay the problems, persecute the blacks, and after it was over, to hush it up, denying any racial problems.

The main outside defence of the blacks was from the brixton based Jamaicans.

This complete lack of correct reaction on behalf of the London police was mirrored in the brixton riots in 1981 and 1985. This finally resolved itself in the 1993 when a major report concludes that the police in London were institutionally racist.

The problems leading to the riots were racist agitators, poor immigration management resulting in lots of immigrants being put into relatively small areas, and poor responses from the authorities.

The poor immigration dispersal is still going on today.

A response to this racial problem was to start having the notting hill carnival in 1959.

We know of some books and movies published this year.