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Timeline; 1959

Notting Hill Carnival was introduced as a direct response to the 1958 race riots. Initially it was held indoors due to being in february, like the trinidad carnival, but later changed to a warmer time of the year.

The murder of Kelso Cochrane this year acted as a wake up call for the average britain, and acted as a brake on the racial agression on all sides.

The lack of action on Kelso Cochrane was almost identical to the events surrounding the murder of Steven Laurence in 1993.

Having skipped the power problems of the 1716 design, Sir Christopher Cockerell was pushed by the British government into skipping a couple of the development models of the design for the first practical man carrying hovercraft.

While this resulted in the first voyage of SR-N1 from the Isle of Wight on June 11th, it put the design of the first commercial hovercraft back a number of years.

The Actor Rupert Everett was born this year.

We know of some books and movies published this year.