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Timeline; 1981

After the initial expansion in 1973, the European Union allows Greece to join, taking the total to 10 members. A further expansion occurs in 1986.

As part of the race relations problems dating back to 1959 between the metropolitan police and the black community, the over-use of what became known as the "sus" law, with too many groundless stop and searches resulted in riots in Toxteth, Brixton. There were more riots in 1985.

A new disease is discovered by Micheal Gotleib, initially called GRID, standing for Gay Related Immune Deficiency. This is based on just 16 cases, and was based on two rare diseases.

One of them is definitively caused in some cases by the use of Amyl Nitrate 'poppers' and the other was definitively caused by a herpes virus in combination with 'poppers' in some cases.

Poppers and sexually transmitted diseases were ubiquitous in the gay community at this time.

It was soon realised that it was a virus which was not likely to be confined to gay men, so the renamed it AIDS standing for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

There have been some books and Movies published this year.