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Timeline; 1986

The U.S. Space Shuttle Challenger blew up on launch, due to a combination of extreme cold and poor understanding by managers at Morton Thiocol and NASA of risk and engineering. This misunderstanding by management also contributed to the columbia shuttle disaster in 2003.

Having 10 members in 1981, the European Union allowed Spain and Portugal to join, taking the total to 12. A further expansion occurs in 1995.

On April 26, some of the staff were doing an unsanctioned experiment on reactor 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant. Due to poor design of the reactor, and inadequet understanding of the limits by the staff doing the experiment, the reactor exploded, releasing a radioactive cloud which caused major contamination locally, large scale low level contamination in europe, and low level contamination worldwide.

There were also some books and movies created this year.

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