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Movies; 1958

Here are the films made this year that we know about:

  1. Bonjour Tristesse (with David Niven)
  2. From Hell to Texas (with Dennis Hopper)
  3. Guns Girls and Gangsters (with Lee Van Cleef)
  4. Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! (with Joan Collins)
  5. Seperate Tables (with David Niven)
  6. The Blob
  7. The Bravados (with Joan Collins)
  8. The Brothers Karamazov (with Yul Brynner and William Shatner)
  9. The Buccaneer (with Yul Brynner)
  10. The Fly
  11. The Journey (with Yul Brynner)
  12. The Old Man of the Sea

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