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Movies; 1965

Here are the films made this year:

  1. A Study in Terror
  2. Blindfold (with Claudia Cardinale)
  3. Dr Zhivago (Directed by David Lean)
  4. For a Few Dollars More (with Lee Van Cleef)
  5. Four in the Morning
  6. He Who Rides a Tiger
  7. I Gotta Horse (with Amanda Barrie)
  8. Ten Little Indians
  9. The Art of Love
  10. The Big Job
  11. The Great Race
  12. The Hallelujah Trail (with Burt Lancaster)
  13. The Hill
  14. The Ipcress File
  15. The Liquidator
  16. The Rounders
  17. The Saboteur (with Yul Brynner)
  18. The Secret of My Sucess
  19. The Sons of Katie Elder (with Dennis Hopper)
  20. The Sound of Music (with Julie Andrews)
  21. Thunderball (featuring James Bond)
  22. Vaghe Stelle dell'Orsa (with Claudia Cardinale)
  23. Von Ryan's Express
  24. Where the Spies Are (with David Niven)
  25. You Must Be Joking