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Movies; 1977

Here are the films made this year:

  1. ABBA The Movie
  2. Big Banana Feet (with Billy Connolly)
  3. Candleshoe (with David Niven)
  4. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  5. Empire of the Ants (with Joan Collins)
  6. God's Gun (with Lee Van Cleef)
  7. Grease
  8. Kid Vengeance (with Lee Van Cleef)
  9. Outlaw Blues
  10. Spiderman
  11. Star Wars; A New Hope
  12. Summer City (with Mel Gibson)
  13. Susperia (directed by Dario Argento)
  14. The American Friend (with Dennis Hopper)
  15. The Cassandra Crossing
  16. The Choirboys
  17. The Incredible Hulk; How It All Began