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Movies; 1960

Here are the films made this year that we know about:

  1. Double Bunk
  2. Elmer Gantry (with Burt Lancaster)
  3. Key Witness (with Dennis Hopper)
  4. Once More with Feeling (with Yul Brynner)
  5. Please Don't Eat the Daisies (with David Niven)
  6. Rocco and his Brothers (with Claudia Cardinale)
  7. Seven Thieves (with Joan Collins)
  8. Sex Kittens Go to College
  9. Spartacus
  10. Surprise Package (with Yul Brynner)
  11. The Apartment
  12. The Magnificent Seven (with Yul Brynner)
  13. The Testement of Orpheus (with Yul Brynner)
  14. Tunes of Glory
  15. Village of the Damned