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Movies; 1951

Here are the films made this year that we know about:

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Happy Go Lovely (with David Niven)
  3. Jim Thorpe All-American (with Burt Lancaster)
  4. Quo Vadis
  5. Scrooge
  6. Singing in the Rain
  7. Soldiers Three (with David Niven)
  8. Ten Men Tall (with Burt Lancaster)
  9. The Day the Earth Stood Still
  10. The Lavender Hill Mob (with Alec Guinness)
  11. The Man in the White Suit (with Alec Guinness)
  12. The Sound Barrier (Directed by David Lean)
  13. The Thing from Another World
  14. Vengeance Valley (with Burt Lancaster)