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Timeline; 2005

There were a bunch of explosions on public transport in london on june 7th, despite the fact that quite a bit of warning was seen by the security service, who underestimated the threat.

The Huygens probe entered the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan on January 14th. The technology of radio telescopes has improved so much that they managed to detect the carrier signal directly. To give you a clue as to just how good this is, it has the same energy as an ordinary mobile phone.

The Large Hadron Collider is due to be ready to start operating at CERN this year. It will produce 1 pettabyte of data per year.

Turkey prosecutes a leading novelist for bringing up their 1915 genocide.

The BBC finaly got around to producing a magazine to go with the tv programme The Sky at Night.

Green Ocean Energy was established to try and harness marine energy in an economically and ecologically viable manner.

Molly Bedingfield, mother of Natasha and Daniel launched the charity Global Angels to help children around the world.

There were also quite a few books and movies created this year.