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Timeline; 1969

The apollo program results in the crew of apollo 11 Landing on the Moon.

Ken Thompson made use of a spare DEC pdp7 to implement in machine code what became known as Unix, as a tool for research into computer science. This was further refined in 1973.

After one too many persecutions by the New York police, the gay residents of the Stonewall district rose up spontaneously to stand against them.

In the wake of the 1968 D'Oliviera cricket race ban, and the stupid decision by the M.C.C. to invite the South African white-only team to play in Britain, triggered Peter Hain to lead the hugely popular and sucessful 'stop the 1970's tour' campaing.

This lead to the South Africa sports ban which would last for 22 years.

We know of some books and movies published this year.