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123-Reg are low cost suppliers of domain name registrations, dial-up internet access, web hosting and colocation hosting. They are such good value for money that not only do I use them myself, but they are also who I used for setting up the various domains for Pescu.

They allow you to register and host domains with the following extensions:

  1. .co.uk
  2. .org.uk
  3. .me.uk
  4. .net
  5. .org
  6. .com
  7. .tv
  8. .biz
  9. .info
  10. .name
  11. .cc
  12. .uk.com
  13. .uk.net
  14. .gb.com
  15. .gb.net
  16. .eu.com

Specifically, they don't sell domains for the new.net or dotworlds systems, which require you to have a special browser plug-in to see them making them not universal or official domains, and which are often more expensive than a proper domain name.

Well worth using as your supplier of domain names.


123-Reg has an Independant Affiliate Program.

Warning: 2003/09/08 To those of you with 123-reg domains, some disreputable companies have been sending bogus domain renewal notices, and if you reply to them they move your domain away from 123-reg.

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