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Timeline; 2010

The Actors Dennis Hopper and Gary Coleman died this year.

When the USS Nimitz came due for refurbishment, it was found that the digital engineering drawings no longer rendered as they had done on previous refits.

It also came to our attention that after years of trying to persuade people to store their priceless photographs digitaly on their proprietary "photo CD" disks, Kodak have announced that they are abandoning photo CD, but not before removing their reader application from their website.

Yet more examples of Why Open Matters.

On 2010/07/17 the UK branch of DGM went bust, with hundreds of merchants and tens of thousands of affiliates. Not a single Affiliate Marketing company took advantage of this gift.

NASA's Wise telescope discovers asteroid 2010 TK7, which later analysis shows to be a 200-300m wide rock siting in the stable 'Trojan' position of the earth, the first seen away from Jupiter, Neptune and Mars.

The date by which the roads of Boston Mas were predicted to be gridlocked, which they avoided by starting a long project which they referred to as The Big Dig, unlike Boston Lincolnshire, where the county planners have not even accepted the premise that there is a major traffic problem, even though it has been needed since the seventies.

There were also quite a few books and movies created this year.