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Timeline; 2009

In just 45 years since 1963 you have gone from the civil rights marches to electing in 2008 the black President of the united states Barack Obama, taking office this year.

On January 20th he officially became the first black president of the United States and one of the first things he did was to declare that both Guantanamo Bay and the CIA interrogation camps would be shut down within a year. He failed.

A Study by Price Waterhouse Cooper shows that patent trolling is not only rising, but is a good business model under current patent rules.

You might want to look at the site of The Pirate Party, who got a EU parliamentary seat and argue for fundamental reform of the field of Intellectual Property.

The Atheos operating system appears to have ceased being available, but the fork Syllable is still available.

There were also quite a few books and movies created this year.