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Web payment methods

There area number of ways to pay for stuff online. You can use your credit card, but some people are too cautious for that, so they use one of these online payment services.

neteller are an online money transfer company, but their signup form leaves a lot to be desired. I hope to be in constructive comunication with them about this.

firepay also have a funny policy regarding their signup form, so you can't see if there are any problems until you hit the first one, and then you can't see if there are any more until you hit the next.

paypal have a certificate supplier who's certificate has expired. As if that wasn't bad enough, you can't contact them without allowing the expired certificate. Even worse, there are a lot of disputes at the moment about their policy of summarily confiscating the contents of your account if they get a report of you breaching their conditions, with only them to appeal to.

Given the generally amateurish way these systems are set up, I thouroughly recommend you steer well clear of them until they get themselves sorted out.

We have now been informed about Nochex who are for british residents only, Western Union, and Ikobo. But we can't comment on them yet.

You can now use WorldPay, who are part of the royal bank of scotland and seem good enough that I've used them myself, and who pay me commission if you do.

If you don't like worldpay as a method for transfering your cash, then why not link to Zyra's finance page instead?

last modified 04:48 2004/02/09