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Web Browsers

Web browsers are those useful little programs which let you use html to navigate around the world wide web.

NEWS: Following their conviction in the E.U. for monopoly abuse surrounding Internet Explorer, Microsoft has been forced to make available the Browser Choice screen, but only in the E.U., but you can now visit it from anywhere.

Some examples include:

  1. lynx - the original text browser
  2. links - the alternate text browser
  3. w3m - another text browser
  4. WannaBe - a text only browser for the mac
  5. Internet explorer - The microsoft browser, which is at least 18 months behind the standards, forcing website designers to jump through hoops to do things which are easy in more standard compliant browsers
  6. Netscape - The original alternative to internet explorer - now replaced with firefox
  7. Firefox - the better alternative to internet explorer
  8. Opera - a commercial cross-platform browser
  9. Amaya - the w3c's own browser and editor
  10. Arena - an earlier W3c browser, now abandoned in favour of Amaya
  11. Arachne - a lightweight dos/posix based full screen graphical browser
  12. Mozilla - The open source version of netscape, including the gecko renderer
  13. Firebird (was Phoenix) - a deliberately cross platform variant of mozilla
  14. Konqueror - the KDE browser
  15. Safari - apple's Konqueror derived browser, now cross-platform
  16. Galeon - a simple standards compliant browser for the Gnome using the Gecko renderer
  17. Avant Browser - an internet explorer based browser
  18. Off By One - a lightweight browser for windows which can be packaged onto cd's
  19. chimera / camino a mozilla derived browser for OS X
  20. epiphany a browser for Gnome based upon the Gecko renderer
  21. Dillo - a very lightweight browser for linux
  22. Emacs W3 - a browser written entirely in emacs lisp
  23. NeoPlanet - a windows based browser with availability problems

Some web browsers also include email clients.

There are a set of services that can sit between your browser and the internet, which include Internet filtering software, cookie blockers, add blockers, and firewalls.