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Index of British Astronomy Societies

This index has been split from the main index of astronomical societies because this section was getting much to large, and thereby making it much harder to find non-british societies.

Great Britain Astronomical Societies

consisting of

  1. The Lincolnshire Group of Astronomical Societies
  2. North West Group of Astronomical Societies
  3. Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies

And also:
Andover A.S.
A.S. of Edinburgh
A.S of Haringey
Beckington A.S
Bedford Astronomical Society
Birmingham A.S.
Blackburn Leisure A.S.
Bradford A.S.
Braintree and District A.S.
Bridgend A.S.
Brighton and Hove Astronomical Society
Bristol A.S
Cambridge A.A.
Cardiff A.S.
Castle Point A.C
Chesterfield A.S
Cleveland and Darlington A.S
cotswold astronomical society
Coventry and Warwick A.S.
Crayford Manor House A.S
Dera A.S
Dublin Institute of Technology Astronomy and Physics Society
Ewell A.S.
Exeter Astronomical Society (EAS)
Association of Falkirk Astronomers
Farnham Astronomical Society
Guildford A.S.
Hampshire A.G.
Havering A.S.
Heart Of England
Herschel A.S.
south west Herts A.S.
Highlands A.S.
Horsham Astronomy Group (West Sussex UK)
Hull and East Riding A.S.
Ilkeston and District A.S.
Irish A.A.
Isle of Man A.S.
Keele A.S.
Knowle Astronomical Society
Leeds A.S
Leicester A.S.
Letchworth and District A.S.
Loughton A.S.
Mansfield and Sutton A.S.
Mexborough and Swinton A.S
Midlands Spaceflight Society
Newbury A.A.S
Norman Lockyer Obs Society
North Devon A.S.
North Staffs A.S
North Norfolk Astronomical Society
Northampton A.A.
Norwich A.S.
Mid Kent A.S
Orpington A.S.
Orwell A.S.
Oxford University Space and A.S.
Pendle A.S.
Plymouth A.S
Reading A.S.
Renfrewshire A.S.
Scotland A.G
SE Kent A.S
sheffield astronomical society serves sheffield and south yorks.
Shropshire A.S.
Solent A.A
South East Essex Astronomy Society
Southampton A.S.
Stratford upon Avon A.S.
Sunderland A.S
Swansea A.S
Tavistock A.S.
Thurrock A.S
Tiverton A.S
Torbay A.S.
Torquay Boys Grammar School
Wadhurst A.S
Walsall A.S
Wessex A.S
West of London
West Yorkshire A.S
Wiltshire A.S
Worcester Astronomical Society
Worthing A.S.
Wycombe A.S.
York A.S.
York County Astronomical Society (YCAS)

Some of the details of these groups were found via the Lincoln astronomical society - uk amateur astronomy societies page.