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Among the things you get with a tiscali account are free webspace, and a free email address. They do Pay as you go, surftime, anytime, and broadband internet connections.

This company has a major part of the uk market, and once you have got the service up and running, it seems to be one of the more reliable providers, as my own experience implies.

Unfortunately, they seem to be totally clueless about some of the fundamentals of their business, both at sales and high level complaints, and are notorious for problems with getting the initial connection working.

I personally know of cases where they have taken orders for broadband where there is no availability, and then tried to charge hundreds of pounds for installing that capability with no mention of it at ordering time.

I also have personal experience of how good and bad they can be. In my case, I had both sales and high level complaints thinking that if bt installed the copper, it was a bt line (this is only true if you pay line rental to bt).

They also tried to put me on local loop unbundling, even though it was not available, took 5 months to get out of the way so I could get it sorted out by someone else, and thought compensation for this being only what I would get anyway when the order was sorted out properly was perfectly ok.

I also had comments like "why would an internet business need prompt reconnection of the internet connection" after they turned off both internet connections.

All in all it is not that surprising that they had to be bought out by carphone warehouse to avoid going bust.

Tiscali had an affiliate programs, but they no longer have one.