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Research at Xyroth Enterprises

Here at Xyroth Enterprises various individuals including Xyroth and other polymaths (often working with The Weird Company) are involved in fundamental research into the nature of individuality, mind, and reality.

We are also involved in fundamental research into the nature of data, knowledge, and language.

We are also involved in looking into the fundamental archetypes that exist in fiction, and real life, and trying to identify if they do actually exist, if if they do, what sort of characteristics they have. Groups that we have had some success in defining are mages and Archmages.

We are also looking into the different models of computing and programming, including the use of Extreme Linux in massively parallel programming.

We are fundamentally a bunch of rugged individualists with a highly interdisciplinary world view, leading us to try and reformulate the knowledge that we already know into a nexialistic whole. As part of this, Zyra and Xyroth are working on The human mind - a user's guide.

As a part of this reformulation process, we are trying to get a good idea of the methodologies and knowledge involved in applied wombling.

We are also doing research into other subjects like biofeedback, walking machines, cultural morphology, and active databases.

We also do occassional consulting to enigma films.

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