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Pending Affiliate Programmes

This page was created after the death of the affiliate marketing company Deal Group Media uk. What should have happened is that the merchant gets a new affiliate program, and then existing affiliates get automatically approved.

What actually happened is significantly different. Lots of programmes got stuck in pending, therefore delaying getting back into promoting the merchant. A lot more were summarilly Denied.

Of course once they were denied, we had to fight various affiliate marketing companies to get them reviewed, after which they were usually accepted.

see How Affiliate Marketing should work for a better set of behaviours.

NOTE: Well done to Tradedoubler for making a special effort to make sure that no applications remain undecided.

Here is the current hall of shame of companies who are taking too long to decide:

  1. Airflights Direct - pending since 2010/09/19 15:47
  2. Bump to 3 at Affiliate Window since 2010/09/23
  3. Citibank Business Credit Cards pending at Commission Junction
  4. Globalscape / CuteFTP pending at Commission Junction
  5. Haven pending at buy.at since 2010/08/27 12:38
  6. Virgin Money pending at OMG