Having to go to work

This is a silly idea at least as bad as the poverty trap. For example, you have to have a job to pay rent, so you look for a job. The only jobs you can find are far enough away from where you live that you need transport, so you get a loan and buy a car. At this point you are trapped. You have a loan to have a car so you can go to work, so you can pay rent and pay back the loan. Until the loan is repaid, you can not afford to be unemployed.

If you then move from rented housing to owning your own home, it gets even worse, as you then can't afford to be out of work until you have repaid the mortgage. As if this wasn't bad enough, because you have to work to pay the mortgage, you don't have time to keep the house up to standard, so when something goes wrong, you have to hire a plumber, builder, electrician, etc who then charges you a lot of money to put things right that you could have done yourself if you didn't have to work.

The solution to this is to try to improve the amount of self-sufficiency that you have, and therefore reduce the amount of dependency on others.

NOTE: I am not advocating going to the sort of extremes that you see in the tv program "the good life", as this tends to leave you spending so much time trying to be self-sufficient that you exchange one sort of dependency for another.

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