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Metabolic rate

A company called healthetech have just (2001/12) released a device called the BodyGem, which is a handheld device capable of measuring the basal (resting) metabolic rate (RMR) in a ten minute test, rather than taking hours or days in a sealed respiratory chamber with continual gas testing.

It works using the sneaky technique of knowing that everyone breathes in 20.8 percent oxygen, and that over time, you will breath out unused oxygen according to your metabolic rate, so it measures the difference in oxygen over time in the breath.

This means that it is now definately possible to test and find out if your basal metabolic rate is being affected, and use this to improve your health.

Your metabolic rate can be influenced by a number of factors, some of which you can control. These include:

You can do stuff which will affect your metabolic rate. These things include:

Your RMR is the single biggest component in the amount of calories that you use every day. If you are an exercise nut, it can be 60 percent of all the calories that you use in a day, but if you are a couch potato, that rises to 80 percent of daily calorie expenditure.

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