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Movies; Anna and the King (1999)

This re-make of the 1956 film "The King and I", has Chow Yun-Fat take over as the king, and Jodie Foster take over as the english governess. Unfortunately this re-make of the musical has had the songs removed, and thus will have to be a lot better to be just as good.

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Directed by Andy Tennant.


  1. Anna : Jodie Foster
  2. King Mongkut: Chow Yun-Fat
  3. Tuptim : Bai Ling
  4. Louis : Tom Felton
  5. The Kralahome : Syed Alwi
  6. General Alak : Randal Duk Kim
  7. Prince Chowfa : Lim Kay Siu
  8. Princess Fa-Ying : Melissa Campbell
  9. Lady Thiang : Deanna Yusoff

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