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Movies; Timeline (2003)

Inspired by the book Timeline by Michael Crichton, you have a bunch of archaeologists digging at a medieval site in France, when their professor gets suspicious that their sponser knows too much about the site.

When the professor disappears, and his glasses turn up with a handwritten note which is 600 years old, the students decide that they need to be involved, so they contact their sponsor...

Directed by Richard Donner.

Produced by Lauren Shuler Donner.

Cast List:

  1. Paul Walker / Chris Johnston
  2. Frances O'Conner / Kate Ericson
  3. Gerard Butler / Andre Marek
  4. Billy Connolly / Professor Johnston
  5. David Thewlis / Robert Domiger
  6. Anna Friel / Lady Claire
  7. Neal McDonough / Frank Gordon
  8. Matt Craven / Steven Kramer
  9. Ethan Embry / Josh Stern
  10. Michael Sheen / Lord Oliver
  11. Lambert Wilson / Lord Arnaut
  12. Marton Csokas / De Kere

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