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ItsWine are a specialist wine distributer for people based in the UK. Using staff experts They endevour to select the best wines that they can find and make them available for your pleasure.

On the whole, they are well worth a visit, but their website could do with a radical rewrite to remove some of the problems their designer had with assumptions. It is completely unusable if you use 640*480, due to the way the frames have been implimented, and you really need a broadband link and a fast processor to cope with the continued refreshing of the multiple images on every page. As this is done using scripts, you also need to have scripting turned to accept all, which lowers your security a bit as well.

www.Itswine.com no longer has an affiliate program, so why not look at one of the other Wine Suppliers instead.

News: 2005/06 - their website now produces a 404 error, so at a guess, they have gone bust.

News: 2011/09 - their website is now cybersquated.