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Interdisciplinary Science

Interdisciplinary science, sometimes refered to as Multi-disciplinary Science, occurs whenever someone who is interested in more than one subject spots that 2 or more of the subjects that he is interested in have different explanations used to model the same phenomena.

This individual then takes steps to see that this difference is investigated, checking if this is a difference in terminology, or if there is a real difference.

If there is a real difference, then various research will have to be done, to determine where the different models agree and disagree, and then experiments or measurements well need to occur to see if they can clarfy the reality in these disputed areas, and reformulate the models to take this extra data into account.

That all there is to doing interdisciplanary science, at least in principle. In practice, what really happens is that a group gets together to solve a particular problem which has a wide enough scope that it needs an interdisciplinary team to cover all the relevent aspects of it. While looking at the problem an incompatability is spotted between the different models, and the same process occurs as if it happened to an individual.

When you go looking for these differences deliberately, you are doing Nexialism.