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Planet hunters

Didier Queloz in provance looked at 51 pegasi, or 51 peg for short in 1995 and found the first extra solar planet.

Jeff Marcy & Paul Butler are planet hunters using the Keck twin telescopes in Hawaii. In march 2001 these two telescopes were connected together into an interferometer. Together they help confirm the existance of this planet.

More than 70 planets have been found outside the solar system in 5 years by looking for stellar wobble - jupiter orbits at 500,000,000 miles, takes 12 years, and causes 500,000 miles deflection.

Debra Fischer, while studying Upsilon Andromidae from the lick observatory in 1996 found that it was being orbited by at least 3 planets, all gas giants. This was announced in 1998. This is the first multi planet system found other than our own Solar System.

In late summer 2001, 43 light years away, 47 Ursae Majoris was found to be orbited by 2 gas giants in circular orbits.

You can also Be A Planet Hunter Yourself yourself.