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The Extreme Linux CD

This page was forced into existance by the strange idea of red hat that they don't need to tell customers where they keep their Extreme Linux CD's, and they also don't need to keep them on the same web page for more then a few weeks.

I will try to keep this page having a current link to the site where you can buy the CD, but I expect that there will be big chunks of time when the cd direct link will not work.

In the mean time, you might try the linux emporium.

News: The reason that the extreme linux cd seems to have disappeared from red hat is that the Scyld Computing Corporation have taken over maintaining it. It is now called the Scyld Beowulf cd. Version 2 seems to not include the drivers for using a soundblaster cd drive.

News: After producing 2 issues, Sycld appear to have been bought by penguin computing, who intend to integrate it into a special clustering hardware and software package.

Fortunately, clusteering has now become popular enough that most distro's now include the tools in their enterprise linux offerings.