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Esperanto, Linux and general semantics

There seem to be a set of people with a common ethos that seem to be into all of these, but they don't all seem to have seen the connection.

The common ethos that these people share seems to be personal empowerment through taking the deliberate decision that the systems should work by the people at the bottom (the end users) having the ability to influence the system at a fundamental level.

tux the linux penguinThe people into linux seem to see it as a way of tacking the control back from the big companies who write software that is too big, full of bells and whistles that most people never use, and doesn't work. They exert power by being able to get the source code for all the programs that they are using,and being able to modify them to do what you need them to do.

esperanto flagThe people into esperanto seem to see it as a way of getting rid of the domination of some people by others through the use of language, by everyone using a common language that is nobody's first language. They exert power by choosing to use a language that no single community have ownership of, so that the entire community has the ownership of the language.

null-a symbolThe people into general semantics seem to view it as a good way of getting control of yourself back from the people who have shaped your world view by means of being your teachers, family, idols, etc. They exert power by choosing to be aware of the fact that no two things can ever be totally identical, and thus to be on the lookout for simplifications that make you get things wrong.