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UK affiliates / DGM2

A nice company with lots of good merchants, but a shame about the naff "DGM pro" reporting system and all it's faults.

For a long time, there have been problems that mean it was nearly impossible to effectively manage most campaigns, including the naff browser specific links, but it looks like they are finally starting to get them fixed.

As an example, when WWF were no longer with DGM, and the system gave no information about wwf, we were not informed when they left, and six months later, the links still went through normally. Even worse, when they came back we were autoapproved based on not having resigned from the program, and again we were not told.

Although the reporting system has improved immensely, you still have the problem of denied affiliate programs and permanently pending programs, but again they seem to be improving a lot.

NEWS: The UK branch of DGM went bust on 2010/07/17, and the receiver didn't have a clue, so the remaining links here are having to be bunged up.

see How affiliate marketing should work to see good and bad practises in the industry.

DGM featured the following companies (plus many others).

  1. 192.com - successfully moved to Tradedoubler
  2. 3 Mobile UK - independent affiliate program
  3. The AA - 1 approved, 3 Pending at Tradedoubler
  4. British Red Cross
  5. Bump to 3 - Pending at Affiliate Window
  6. Concern Gifts
  7. Demon
  8. Every Child
  9. Garmin
  10. Gerald Online - moved to Tradedoubler
  11. Greenpeace UK
  12. Haven Europe (Siblu) - pending at Buy.at
  13. isubscribe - webgains
  14. Machine Mart Ltd
  15. Mobileshop
  16. Orange Broadband UK
  17. Orange Mobile
  18. Orange Mobile Broadband
  19. Petplan
  20. Present Aid
  21. Roses Only
  22. Save the Children
  23. Send a Cow
  24. Sense
  25. Siblu
  26. The AA - 1 approved, 3 pending at Tradedoubler
  27. The Alternative Gift Catalogue
  28. The Art Fund
  29. The Royal British Legion
  30. Warner Holidays
  31. World Land Trust
  32. worldvision
  33. WWF