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Customised Phone Covers

This company provides you with the ability to customise a cover for your mobile phone. They can do this for a wide range of Nokia phones, as well as the siemans C45.

In their own words, "Great we now have what you have always wanted, a very high quality, unique, scratchproof image of anything on your mobile / cell phone cover, or computer mouse, or hair brush with our new unique digital printing process. You can put your face, text, logo, Business Card, website or anything on the cover. Either you, or us, can create the image. Our aim is to enable you to create a unique mobile phone cover, computer mouse and free ecard as the ultimate cell phone accessory / gift. We send you a draft cover image to authorize, and ship on the same day as payment. ".

I guess you could even have a soothing message added to the cover like the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy did.

www.customisedphonecovers.com has an independent affiliate program, but as they don't respond when you apply, they now qualify as an expired program.

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