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The C programming language

The programming language C is made up of a set of keywords, with various procedures which are in turn organised into a set of libraries.

Some of these libraries are now part of the language definition, while others are user defined. This ability for users to define their own extensions to the language makes it very powerfull.

In 1973, the Unix operating system was rewritten in C, thus making it forever free from being tied to one type of computer.

While C is usually compiled (often using the GCC compiler suite), it is now also possible to run it as an interpreted language using these interpreters:

  1. Cint - the CERN C/C++ Interpreter
  2. Pico C - designed for embedded use
  3. Tcc - heading towards full ISO99 C compliance and the default compiler on Damn Small Linux
  4. Eic - the Extensible Interactive C interpreter, with advanced debuging features

Here is the best reference I have found so far for How to split code into multiple files.