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Boston Astronomers; club history.

BA was formed in July 1975 as the BOSTON ASTRONOMICAL ASSOCIATION by a keen group of people interested in all aspects of Astronomy located in and around Boston, Lincolnshire, England.

In 1981 the name became BOSTON ASTRONOMERS and over the years the Society has held public speaker meetings, observing sessions (including showing the public Halleys Comet, Comet Hale Bopp & other sky events), coach trips to places of Astronomical interest and Three National conventions - EYES ON THE UNIVERSE I, II & III - the first & third of which celebrated our 10th & 20th Anniversary respectively.

For the moment, we have had to suspend our program of formal meetings, but hopefully we will be able to come up with something in the not too distant future.

There is some evidence that the club goes back farther than this, but we have not been able to confirm this yet.

Thanks to Paul Money for supplying this information.

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