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Past talks to Boston Astronomers

Well, we failed to get enough members on the committee to remain legal, and have therefore had to suspend having formal meetings.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries, suggestions, or comments, as I have only been doing this for a year, and am learning how to be programme secretary and club chairman. see also the club history, and the current programme for more information.

Thanks to all of the mentioned speakers, for jumping in to help us out with talks at short notice.

June 11th 2001: J Tate give an update on the spaceguard uk talk he gave us 2 years ago in light of lord sainsbury's report and other positive news

May 14th 2001: AGM

April 9th 2001: Andy Hollis talking about asteroids and outer planets. He gave us a very good talk about some of the problems associated with observing some of the fainter objects in our solar system.

March 12th 2001: Patrick Sherry - dwarfs in the galaxy. He gave us a very informative talk about the proberties of various different types of dwarf star, and their stellar evolution.

Feburary 12th 2001: Lisa J Wright - Galaxy Formation: Observations -vs- Theory. An interesting talk about where this subject is at the moment, and some of the problems and changes that it is going to face.

January 8th 2001: Paul Money talking on rambling through the winter skies (and also the due lunar eclipse).

December 11th 2000: AGM and EGM to find out if we can get enough people to form a committee and keep the club legal. (we did manage it).

November 2000: We have been informed by others that we have the speaker Stewart Clark comming to give us a talk, but as of yet, we have had no information from him to that affect. Failing finding the contact and getting confirmation that he is coming, that we still have the room, and the ability to inform members, this meeting was also cancelled due to no speaker. As far as we know, he didn't get in touch with anyone.

October 2000: meeting cancelled due to no speaker following committee problems.

September 2000: due to personal problems, most of the committee had to resign, but we couldn't have an AGM or EGM due to insufficient time to notify members due to the constitution.

June 8th 1998 AGM.

May 11th 1998 Mike Foulkes - Standing in the shadow of the moon.

April 6th 1998 paul money - A tour of the constellations.

March 10th 1998 Peter Rea - in search of barsoom.

Feburary 9th 1998 members evening - various members giving talks and showing slides that they had taken.

January 12th 1998 Paul Money - Unveiling the goddess of love - the exploration of venus by magellan.

December 8th Christmas Fun Quiz.

November 10th 1997 Dr Chris Baddiley - The universe in 3D. A fascinating talk with slides showing simulations of the galaxy based on the most up to date star positions.

October 13th 1997 Phillip Moxon - tripping the light fantastic.

September 8th 1997 Tony Lacey of the O.U. talking about the history of the universe - the first 42 seconds.