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Armed police

When armed police are dispatched in Britain, they have to decide if the person they are called for is a danger, and if so, do they shoot.

While this sound fine in principle, in practice, you have to obey all instructions that these armed officers give both promptly, and correctly in every detail, otherwise, you are likely to end up dead.

Unfortunately for about a quarter of those on the receiving end of this treatment, this is something you can't easily do if you are mad, or deaf at the time.

Despite signing up in the late 1980's to a treaty that commits them to use non-lethal force for policing whenever possible, it is only in 2001 that they are actually introducing any less-lethal weaponary at all, and these weapons are the ones most likely to produce a lethal outcome.

The justification for this delay is that when you try and use such weapons which are not designed to be lethal, some people die from it, and others get injured. Because of the risk of injury or death, they refuse to use these weapons, leaving the only option to be to shoot to kill, or not.

America on the other hand have been using non-lethal weapons for a number of years, resulting in thousands of people still being alive who if confronted in Britain would be dead.