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Actors and Actresses

Actors are the people in films and theatre who put in the performances that make you think that what you are seeing is credible. This is a very difficult job, because unlike most jobs, you spend a good portion of your early professional life unemployed, and when you do work, the critics usually give you bad reviews (however good your performance was).

The actors we know include:

  1. Alan Rickman
  2. Amanda Barrie
  3. Asia Argento
  4. Billy Connolly
  5. Chris Rock
  6. David Bowie
  7. David Niven
  8. Dennis Hopper
  9. Faye Dunaway
  10. Hugh Jackman
  11. Joan Collins
  12. Jose Ferrer
  13. Joseph Cotton
  14. Julie Andrews
  15. Lee Van Cleef
  16. Marton Csokas
  17. Mel Gibson
  18. Mike Myers
  19. Paul Robeson
  20. Rene Auberjonois
  21. Rupert Everett
  22. Samuel L Jackson
  23. William Shatner
  24. Yul Brynner

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