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Tradedoubler Second Validation Page

So why is it necessary to have a second validation page for Tradedoubler when we have already validated the same site?

Because the system at Tradedoubler used to be spectacularly incompetant that when you were Denied by a merchant, and the merchant accepted that they had made a mistake, the only way to reverse it was to have a second account so that they could accept you.

In the case of some affiliates, some fool working for the merchant got there ahead of the person that was going to accept you, so they have to have a third account.

While they have sorted out this problem at last, so it can now be reversed, they have a silly belief that someone working on a large website for over 10 years is incapable in all that time of specialising in more than four very limited categories, so merchants looking for affiliates working in their area are being denied from finding people working with their competitors.

These are just some of the silly policies going on at tradedoubler.