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Tradedoubler validation page

This page exists for one reason and one reason only, BECAUSE TRADEDOUBLER DOESN'T REALLY TRUST AFFILIATES, and regarding affiliates as fundamentally untrustworthy is an obvious insult to all affiliates.

To validate with tradedoubler, there are three methods, none of which are reasonable. The first two both require that you place tradedoubler specific content in the site front page.

Quite a lot of affiliates, as site managers in general are extremely fussy about what goes on their front page, and therefore an alternative is required. The attitude received by this site for asking for the information as to any alternative method was to basically be told that you obey the terms and conditions at tradedoubler or you go somewhere else, and this is despite the fact that there is actually an alternative method available.

The stated reason says that they need you to permit one of a set of validation steps to prove that you actually have the ability to modify the websites that you place their adverts on, but that doesn't really hold up to any scrutiny.

Every time you put a merchant link on a website, you are demonstrating exactly that ability, but that is viewed as not trustworthy enough to actually validate you. When this fact was pointed out, the attitude was "if you can't obey the terms and conditions, you can always leave", which is not exactly very grown up of them.

On top of this, this affiliate found it impossible to use the tradedoubler system to apply to any merchants until this verification process had been completed. As they prefer having the merchant vet affiliates seperately, again as an Anti-Fraud measure, and have a default position of not really pushing merchants at all until after they have failed to make a decision for a week, this really delays things.

Because merchants are notoriously bad at getting acceptances right, most good networks will let the merchant do this if they absolutely insist, but don't volunteer the option. Tradedoubler makes a point of offering it to merchants.

What happens next is that the merchant takes a long time to decide, and then you are probably denied from the program. As I was trying to move dead links from the now defunt DGM to anyone with the merchant, I applied for a lot of programs.

After being locked out for a week, and then applying for dozens of merchants, the situation was as follows:

Most of the applications were still stuck at pending after another week.

Of those who were not, most had been Denied.

After they were denied, you have to talk to a different human for almost every program to get a change in the decision, most of which went to voicemail, and the rest said "I can't see any reason why you were denied".

Of those who had looked again, ALL who were not having only a limited number of affiliates had decided that they had made a mistake.

Perhaps they ought to read up on Web of Trust networks, or better yet, stop treating their affiliates like rubbish. After all, that was one of the major reasons for the demise of DGM2.

Also because of other silly policies at tradedoubler, we have to have multiple accounts for the same websites to make their website useable, hence the second validation page.