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Timeline; 2001

In March, two planet hunters called Jeff Marcy & Paul Butler started using the Keck twin telescopes in Hawaii connected together into an interferometer. Together they managed to confirm the existance of an extra solar planet around 51 Pegasi.

On June 13th Mars had a close approach to Earth.

In late summer, 43 light years away, 47 Ursae Majoris was found to be orbited by 2 gas planets in circular orbits

On september 11th this year some terrorists hijacked some 747's and flew them into the world trade center. This caused over 3000 deaths, of 156 nationalities, due to the collapsing of both towers.

The British government has finally begun to provide it's Armed Police with less lethal weaponary, providing certain classes of disabled people with a possibility of surviving some types of encounters with the police.

There has been some optimistic (but very early) results which may lead to being able to regrow Spinal Cords in people who have damaged them.

There were also quite a few books and movies created this year.

The hosting company Rackspace set up to do hosting of mission critical websites and applications.