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The Sky at Night

The Sky at Night is a BBC TV Show hosted by Sir Patrick Moore which has been providing a reasonable level of information to interested amateur astronomers and professional astronomers since the 1950's.

Every month since it started, a 20 minute show has given out information about what is going on in Astronomy this month, along with a detailed presentation about a specially featured aspect of astronomy.

They have featured everything from the planetary space probes, to the hubble space telescope, to the impact of the comet Shoemaker Levy 9 with Jupiter. They have also done a lot of special covering things like the UK eclipse.

For many years after the internet took off, the bbc webpage for the show absolutely stunk, however it has now improved to being only fairly bland.

Further news about the website is that they have now decided to mothball it, and the page proudly announces that it has not been updated since October 2008.

In 2005, they finally started to produce a UK Magazine which also includes a copy of that months show.