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Posix compatable operating systems

The following operating systems are POSIX compliant:

  1. AtheOS, a unix like os with gui, written from the ground up, now recruiting a lot of beos developers.
  2. BeOS, a system written from the begining to be optimised for multimedia applications, now sold to palm and not under development.
  3. Assorted commercial Unices including AIX, HP_UX, Tru64, etc. Often expensive, Usually closed source.
  4. Darwin, a freeBSD core which forms the basis for Apple's OSX.
  5. ecos, unix for embedded platforms, now managed by red hat.
  6. FreeBSD, a robust implimentation of the berkeley version of unix (BSD).
  7. GNU Hurd, the long awaited gnu unix kernel.
  8. Linux, linus torvald's unix kernel, now multi-platform and bundled with GNU tools.
  9. MINIX, now no longer under active development, but has been around a long time.
  10. NetBSD, a multi-platform version of BSD.
  11. Oberon, a small, modular os, written in the Oberon language.
  12. OpenBSD, a BSD implimentation which has had every line of code security audited. secure out of the box.
  13. OS X, apple's latest version of it's operating system, which uses the darwin kernel.
  14. QNX, a very mature real-time os, available as a single floppy version and for download.
  15. RTEMS, real-time kernel developed for the US army.
  16. Solaris, sun's commercial version of unix.
  17. V2_OS, written in i386 assembler to be fast and light.

See also zyra's operating systems page

Plan9, moved to open source late, and thus has a small user base. it is regarded as experimental, and only supports some of the standard tools, so we don't know how compatable it is.