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A E Van Vogt

This Author has written the following Gilbert Gosseyn books:

  1. The World of Null-A (1948)
  2. The Players of Null-A (1970)
  3. Null-A Three (1985)

He Has Written the following Linnian Empire books:

  1. Empire of the Atom
  2. The Wizard of Linn

He Has Written the following Isher books:

  1. The Weapon Shops of Isher
  2. The Weapon Makers

He Has Written the following other books:

  1. Away and Beyond
  2. Children of Tomorrow
  3. Cosmic Encounter
  4. Destination: Universe!
  5. Lost: Fifty Suns
  6. Masters of Time
  7. Mission to the Stars
  8. Monsters
  9. Moonbeast
  10. More Than Superhuman
  11. Planets for Sale
  12. Renaissance
  13. Rogue Ship
  14. Slan
  15. The Battle of Forever
  16. The Best of A E Van Vogt
  17. The Book of Ptath
  18. The Changling
  19. The Darkness of Diamondia
  20. The Far-Out Worlds of A E Van Vogt
  21. The Gryb (1976)
  22. The Man With a Thousand Names
  23. The Mind Cage
  24. The Secret Galactics (1975)
  25. The Silkie
  26. The Undercover Aliens
  27. The Universe Maker
  28. The Voyage of the Space Beagle
  29. The War Against the Rull

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