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Index of Astronomical Societies

A friend of mine over at the H2G2 Astronomical Society spotted that I had a small list of societies on here, so he suggested to me that I maintain a more comprehensive list. That was fair enough, but then friends heard about it, and every time they saw a link to a club, they e-mailed it to me. This has since gone a little mad, but I will try to keep it sane(ish).

If you don't see your society on here, then please e-mail me here with a few details, and I will see that it gets added.

If you maintain your club website, and it is on here, then how about a reciprical link?

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We have found a phenominal number of British astronomy societies and American astronomy societies, so they have each had to get their own page.

Other European astronomical societies

Amateur Astronomers of Luxembourg
The Astronomical Society Of Malta
Vereniging voor Sterrenkunde Midden-Limburg (Dutch)
Umbrian Astronomical Association (Italy)
WEGA Homepage (Belgium)

Canadian astronomical societies

Peterborough Astronomical Association
Hamilton Amateur Astronomers

Australian astronomical societies

Astronomical Society of New South Wales Inc
Astronomical Society of New South Wales Inc
Astronomical Society of Flinders University

Other astronomical societies

Khagol Mandal (india)
Astronomical Society Orion
Astronomy Club, Ahmedabad
Malta Astronomical Society

Other Organisations

The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
American Association of Amateur Astronomers
Dutch Occultation Association
Effective Outdoor Lighting Council of Texas (EOLC)
Amherst Astronomy Association
Martz Observatory & Astronomical Assn.
The Criterion DYNASCOPE Group
The British Astronomical Association
The British Astronomical Association Student Web Page
American Association of Amateur Astronomers
Association of Christian Astronomers International
APAN Associazione Provinciale Astrofili Novaresi
Mountain Astronomical Regional Site (MARS)
The International Astronomical Union
I.A.U. Minor Planets Centre
LIncoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR)

Astronomical Society Indexes

Zyra's list of Astronomical Societies
Berts Astronomy maine
Lincoln astronomical society - uk amateur astronomy societies
Member Societies of the Astronomical League (american societies)

Since we got connected to Pescu, we are gradually migrating these society listings there, so as to minimise duplication of effort. They are also worth a visit anyway.