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The prefrontal cortex is 29% of the brain and acts as a controlling mechanism for anger and agression. damage causes this to stop working, allowing people to become murderers and cannibals.

Andrei Chikatilo - a russian cannibal serial killer, also known as Citizen X.

Arthur Shawcross killed a 9 year old child, but didn't become a cannibal until he accidentally ate the nipple of a prostitute. In the 1970's, he killed 2 children. After being released he went on a killing spree where he killed 11 prostitutes in 18 months (the last 2 on the same night).

While there is no convincing evidence that he ate any of the bodies, he claims to have eaten three. the evidence is not there due to the decomposition of the bodies, so it can't be ruled out. He calls himself the real hanibal lecter. He also has his own website.

Arrested in 1990, he had left a trail of 50 mutilated bodies of women and children. The bodies had various sex related organs removed, which he then ate. he has 4 times as much kryptopyrole as normal people. he is also genetically xyy, and he has a damaged frontal lobe.

Issei Sagawa - shot and ate a girl he met in paris. born in the 1950's, he had encephalitus, which left him weak and small compared to his brother

His father and uncle used to dress up as a child eating giant, which often ended in the children being eaten.

He met a 25 year old dutch student called Renee Hartevelt in paris, who eventually went back to his appartment where he shot and ate her in 1981. He was caught, and because of injury to the prefrontal cortex was judged legally insane and unfit to stand trial. He was eventually deported back to japan in 1986 where he still lives in tokyo. He is now a japanese celebrity.

Jeffrey Dahmer was born in 1960's millwalkie into a devout lutheran family. His mother was an alcoholic, who didn't have much to do with him. As he grew up, he didn't really get involved with other children.

In later life, he found out that he was gay, which in combination with the strict religious background was a disaster. He eventually killed 17 times. Most of these people he later ate, usually after he had had sex with the dead body. His motivation was affection.

Unusually, he alone among this list had no history of severe brain injury. He died after 3 years in prison.