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Broadband Internet Service Providers

Broadband internet is the provision of high speed internet without disruption to the voice services provided by the telephone voice supplier.

There are a couple of issues surrounding broadband which everyone should be aware of. First, broadband doesn't always work, and there is a trend in the industry towards internet only technical support, which won't work if you don't have dial-up acess as well.

Second, Fast broadband works by "local loop unbundling", and the industry is systematically incompetent in dealing with changing fast broadband suppliers.

Because of this it is impossible to recomend fast broadband to anyone, and it is actually a bad idea having your line rental with anyone but BT at the moment, as they are the only company which will accept a change from a fast broadband supplier.

It is actually worse than this, because you can be shifted to fast broadband without asking if your broadband and line rental are with the same company, and it doesn't always work.

The only way to stop this is to have your line rental with another company, and the only company which most broadband suppliers will accept as an alternate line rental supplier is BT.

The following people provide broadband:

  1. BE Broadband
  2. BT Broadband

There are now 4 expired broadband suppliers:

  1. Applicia Broadband
  2. Bulldog Communications
  3. NTL:Home Broadband
  4. Tiscali